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About Relative Calm

Rest, Respite & Recovery 

from redundant imprints and adverse experiences

I started Relative back in 2017 under the guise of Expat Cranio.  At first the site was a voice for all I had learnt in the world of craniosacral biodynamics and Qi Gong. As a site, it got messy. Today, this site is to be a more about the essence of being in relationship to (an)other. That is to say how to access our original blueprint, the infinite potential so that we may be informed by past perceptions and not governed by them.

 My aim is to help others on their quest to understand how early experiences, sometimes traumatic, sometimes not, affect how we react to adversity in our lives today and how it influences the way we parent and are parented.  Can the patterns of behaviour we fall into, be informed by our earliest impressions? and be changed?

I offer therapy - craniosacral biodynamics and pre- and perinatal therapy, online or in Basel, to adults, expectant parents, newborns and children. 

Classes for expectant and new parents as a means to explore these themes through meditation in motion, Qi gong coming soon. 

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