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  • Shirley Hiscock

So, What IS Pre- and Perinatal Therapy?

The core patterns that a newborn shapes and sets in motion are imprinted from within the womb, during birth and bonding,. These patterns may be life-enhancing or life-diminishing.

Pre- and Perinatal Therapy, (PPN) is an interdisciplinary exploration of our earliest experiences and how they form enduring response patterns that shape our development, behaviour and health during our lifetime.

PPN therapy supports Little One's wholeness from the beginning of life. Little one being literally a newborn, a child or adult carrying their Little One inside. It is a fundamental task of PPN therapy to welcome in consciousness., to nuture and protect one's essential relationship of Self. Bringing you home to yourself.

This explanation by Dr Wendy Anne McCraty sums up the benefits of PPN beautifully (Somatic Psychotherapy Today | Spring 2014 | Volume 4 Number 1 | page 57)

PPN-oriented therapeutic work with babies and young children demonstrates that when babies are related to, cared for, and met as sentient beings-sensitive human beings, and, when babies or children have the opportunity to have their unmet needs, trauma, or lifediminishing imprinted patterns from the prenatal and perinatal period healed, they naturally become more of their Integrated Self embodied. They become more grounded, aligned, connected, and balanced. They are naturally loving, empathetic, caring, and mutual in their relationships. They have greater capacity for seeing the larger picture as well as the current one and an innate sense of ethics, intuitive knowing, and connection to their inner guidance. They are creative and have a greater inner motivation for the intrinsic value of the joy found in the exploration their interests and gifts. They are teaching us more about our potential

It is never too late to start healing

As an adult, would you like to be more grounded, aligned, connected and balanced? with naturally loving, empathetic relationships? to be creative and find the intrinsi value of the joy found in your interests and gifts?

As a parent, would you like this for your child?

If you are interested in getting to know more, or finding out whether it would be good to work with me, please arrange an exploratory converation here:

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