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Relative Calm

Craniosacral Biodynamics supporting Pre- and Perinatal Birth Therapy 
In Basel & On-Line

I invite you to discover rest, respite & recovery in a way you’ve never experienced before. Here you’ll find tips, tutorials and articles that cover pre- & perinatal therapy, birth trauma, craniosacral therapy and Qi gong - an ancient Chinese form of holistic meditation through movement. Early experiences and relationships form our patterns of behaviour and reactions to adversity today.  Using the tools of craniosacral biodynamics and pre- and perinatal therapy, I can guide you to heal and bring you home to yourself. 

-To start a journey together, contact me below. I'm here for you.

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So, What IS Pre- and Perinatal Therapy?

The core patterns that a newborn shapes and sets in motion are imprinted from within the womb, during birth and bonding,. These patterns...

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